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Sarani Vilionytė is an inspiration to many people: not only as an internationally renowned teacher of spiritual practices, but also as an entrepreneurial, social and active woman, who has founded a book publishing house, a meditation and wellness centre “Sarani”, and who is constantly developing new programmes of her teachings. She teaches them not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries such as China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Georgia and the USA.
Sarani has been studying for her Master’s degree in Business Administration and Finance, and has understood the enormous pressure that the modern economic system puts on everyone in society. Combining the most relevant and vibrant Eastern and Western philosophies, Sarani does not ignore the pace and demands of life in the 21st century, but she does not succumb to them, and she tries to help people to break free from the frameworks they have created. Well-versed in various meditation and spirituality techniques, she subtly adapts each training to the needs and personal qualities of the participants, not only to impart her knowledge but also to hear and understand each person’s personal story.

Spiritual practice
Sarani went to India in 2000 to learn more about the spiritual cultures of the East and to find her personal path in life. She spent three years in a meditation centre that blends Eastern philosophy with the best of Western therapies, delving deeper into her own and others’ inner needs.
Occasionally returning home from India for a short holiday, Sarani started to organise trainings on spirituality and self-knowledge. At that time, this practice was a new phenomenon in Lithuania.
After the trainings gained popularity and support, Sarani founded the publishing house and meditation centre “Meilės kelias” in 2001.
In 2002-2003 he went to London to study Tantra at the School of Awakening.
In 2003, Sarani shared the knowledge and experience she had gained in London by publishing the first book on Tantra in Lithuania, and at the same time began to organize and conduct trainings on the topic.
In 2007, eager to learn more, Sarani travelled to Japan and took part in a month-long spiritual retreat at a monastery in Kyoto.
Between 2008 and 2010, she studied Primal Emotion Therapy in Los Angeles with the renowned American psychotherapist Arthur Janov. Here she not only practised Emotion Therapy but also conducted research on it.
In 2012, after taking note of the increasingly fraught, conflict-prone dynamics of modern couples’ relationships, she developed a unique programme for women, “The Tantric Woman”, as well as a year-long Tantric Couples’ Training.
Since 2020, Sarani has further expanded the range of her teachings to include another crucial but often neglected aspect in psychotherapy – sexuality and the quality of sexual life. In her teachings, she helps to find harmony between the spirit and the body and to release suppressed energy.



"The supreme destiny of a human is to return where we came from - to return back to love".

Sarani Vilionyte.



“A tree has roots, a trunk and flowers. Without strong roots, there will be no beautiful flowers. Therapy with childhood, nurturing relationships, tantric practices and meditation are the keys to blossoming “.

Private Sessions


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We learn and teach to dive safely into the deep exploration of the inner world.




 Meditation Sessions for Inner Peace.


Tantric women sessions with Sarani

“How to Become a Tantric Woman?” designed to discover in ourselves a woman who shines, fascinates, seduces, and as if a magnet attracts attention. To meet a woman who is real, who “does not bow to a man”, who does not lose herself next to a man, who is playful and whom a man knows, cannot forget her. A woman who knows how to express her feelings is not afraid to meet her fears standing firmly on the ground.

Let’s talk about…
– Why do we compare ourselves to other women? What do we feel at the time and how does that feeling affect men and the environment?
– Why does a man’s love for a woman die? What are the ways to talk to a man and how to inspire him instead of demanding it?
– How not to lose yourself in a relationship, meeting the needs of a man and others around you? And stay noticed and appreciated.
– How to express your emotions correctly in order to gain the support and understanding of a man, rather than constant comments and advice?
– What to do with those moods and emotions that overwhelm us and destroy our harmony, relationships and slowly distance us from each other?
– What to do with that inner voice that makes us please, make an effort, try? What to do with the fear of leaving us not to love…?
– How to do it to attract men’s attention and be the one who chooses and not the one chosen by someone else?
– How to nurture love for yourself?

Tantra Session for Couples 




When two people meet, the beginning is beautiful. The hope that this is the one person, the love that movies, books, music have spoken about – it has come, these thoughts come to us. We have all grown up under the illusion that love has to be like a fairy tale. When conflicts break out, the most common scenarios in a couple are: one starts to avoid the conflict, as if trying to sweep all the problems under the carpet, thinking that everything is fine, tidy, beautiful, but love is diminishing; the other starts to fight with the partner, tries to change the partner, is angry, and knocks on doors. Strong conflict is debilitating and frustrating for both parties, creating distance between the partners as they hurt each other.

Tantric relationships are about growing together.
Growing together sounds nice, but it is not easy.
I have been organising Tantric Couples Seminars for many years in different countries around the world, and I have heard more than one colleague say that they will not organise a Tantric Couples Seminar anymore, because it is so difficult.

To grow in love is to wake up and realise that love is not just rose petals.
To grow is to get out of your comfort zone, to be able to recognise your emotions, to be able to express them, to understand your needs, to be able to name them, to understand your body and your intimate desires, to be able to show them to your partner.
Love is about growing within yourself and sharing yourself with another!
And we share what we have:)
If you would like to know and discover more of the inner treasures within yourself and to share the abundance with your partner, then the Tantra Couples Training is for you!


Childhood Trauma Session


We all come from our childhood. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Free yourself from the shackles of the past by understanding what your childhood was really like and how it has influenced your life in later life.
This individual therapy consists of ten sessions that subtly combine primal and trauma therapy, as well as inner child voice techniques, systemic family therapy and transpersonal psychology. Each session lasts between 90 and 120 minutes.
The journey of Primal Therapy starts from the present and then you travel back step by step to your childhood to re-experience and understand how your life has been shaped by your parents and your living environment. After all, it is in childhood that we learn the basics of how to relate to other people: how to communicate, how to get attention, love or approval. It is then that we pick up both the good and the bad behaviour patterns of our parents and unconsciously imitate them.
Harmful childhood experiences (even those that cannot be consciously remembered) make us withdraw into ourselves and prevent us from growing and developing our personality. There are no perfect parents – we all carry the baggage of the past and hide our grievances and traumas. This protective barrier pushes us away from other people and prevents us from developing a closer relationship with them. The degree to which this self-defence is strong depends on how deeply we still feel our wounds.
Sometimes we tend to throw up our hands at the past and pretend it never happened. This is a dangerous path, because the past determines our sense of self and identity more than it may seem at first sight. And it has a profound impact on our relationships, careers, health and spiritual well-being. Changing these entrenched behavioural patterns requires intensive therapy.
Primary therapy will help you to release and express deeply buried feelings, including anger, resentment, shame, shame, resentment, loneliness and heartbreak. By becoming aware of them, you will free yourself from the subconscious traps that block your body’s vitality. Individual Primary Therapy is a natural process to help heal your emotional state. It creates a safe environment in which you can share your feelings honestly. As soon as you are able to identify your hurts, you will slowly begin to tame and soothe them.


June 6, 2022

I sincerely invite you to join me and participate in the Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia!

I sincerely invite you to join me and participate in the Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia! World famous tantra teachers will share their teachings! This time […]
June 6, 2022

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June 6, 2022

Is Tantra necessary and useful for me, you, her, him?

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Tantra – moteriškumo esmė su Sarani

Moteris jaučia, kad gyvena, tik tada, kai myli ir yra mylima. Ir negali įsivaizduoti pasaulio be meilės. Kurti meilę, dalytis meile jai iš prigimties taip pat natūralu, kaip kvėpuoti, vaikščioti, jausti.
Norėdama jaustis ramiai ir gerai, moteris privalo save priimti, gerbti tokią, kokia ji yra iš tikrųjų.

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